Here at, the Privacy Policy is pretty simple: There are no 'strictly necessary' cookies required for the site to operate, no functional or personalisation cookies, in fact, no cookies of any kind are planted by me into your browser or surfing device. I have no way of storing any details about you (unless you email me - in which case my email account will know where to send a reply). I do not track you (your title, name, address, postcode, date of birth, IP Address, device type etc), and neither do I analyse any existing history or activity-snooping cookies that have been deposited onto your device by any of the other websites you visit to check on your activities, your interests, your preferences or anything else - and so I have nothing at all to share with any 'essential' 3rd party partners and you do not have to agree to this before viewing the website. Neither do I try to send you adverts or anything else to 'enhance' your next visit, although, if I ever bother myself to look, a third party visitor counter does count the number of visitors to the site, indicating my most popular pages and will give me the name of the previous webpage and country (the 'referrer'), that each visitor arrived here from which (I believe), is pretty much minimal standard across the internet. That's about it. Privacy how it should be.

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