The InfinityParadox (a precis)

Even further than far, far away and a long time ago, in a realm that is yet to come into being...the laws of solids, of liquids and of gases had no boundaries - and they would merge and meld so that reality was ever-changing. Like a blink - neither open nor shut - everything was in a state of perpetual transition. There was no up and no down, no inside and no out - and everything was intrinsically everything else at the same time.

In this realm was a cluster of planets that were so close together that, from a distance, they looked like a single planet. But the closer you got, you could see that each planet was made up of clusters of smaller planets - and the closer you got, you could see that each cluster of planets was made up of ever smaller clusters of planets - and this went on...for as long as you wished to observe.

It was a simple fact that the entire realm possessed a similar inherent nature; the closer you got to anything, more and more detail was revealed - and so you could travel forever in trying to reach a destination - and the closer anything was, the further it seemed away - which led to an understanding of the vastness of this realm that contained all things.

This was Infinity, the realm where Paradox reigned, where nothing was quite as it seemed - yet everything was somehow familiar - and complexity was as simple as a single vibration.

Despite the natural fluidity of nature, some who inhabited the realm of Infinity still had need to seek a Universal Truth: an unimaginable greater reality which held it all together and could help it all make sense; a truth that was anticipated to be available at the source - the realm from whence it all began.

Some such seekers set out on a quest to try and put together the long forgotten folklore, myths and fractured histories that only a few of the wise Elders - scattered across the realm - had even a vague recollection of. This was a daunting task, but one worth seeking...and so they did hope and wonderment.

They set off 'planet-hopping', clutching a handful of dreams; bearing a list of mythical characters to encounter, questions borne of the uncertainty that perpetual fluidity engendered - and a series of fragmented instructions:

Follow and observe the Hover Bugs at Tangleroot Hollow, find the Great Forest Guardian and, when you hear the sky turn red, enter the Crystal Caverns and seek the Oracle of Revelation... be continued...