Six Degrees of Separation:

I'm sure that, by now, we all are aware of the theory: We all know people and they all know people and, by the time we have traversed down the links of only six friends of friends, we are 'connected' to virtually everyone on the planet. We can all boast knowing someone who knows someone who knows someone (famous or somehow important) - but if all of us are only six 'degrees' away from everyone else anyway, this is neutralised into an insignificant 'so what?' For example, we all 'know' the Queen of England (not personally perhaps, but she is an easy figure we can all recognise and it is likely that someone you know will know someone else who has met her personally) - but this doesn't get us into garden parties at Buckingham Palace (if this is your want). We are so often told that 'it is not what you know but who you know that matters.' However, my inversion of this is that it is not 'who you know but who knows you' that is the significant factor. The true test of whether our connectedness is significant is if the connection is a two way street; does the person ('famous' or otherwise ordinary), actually know you and, not only that, are they likely to be seen to come up to you in public and acknowledge you? Do you have to be the one to approach everyone or are you the person who everyone must be seen with?

How often have you thought of a person you have not seen in years and then, mysteriously, within hours or a week, they cross your path? Pure coincidence; you both still live in the same town. But similarly, have you ever noticed that when you set your mind to something, you begin to notice things in your physical world that potentially could lead towards your attaining it? Are we indeed more perceptually set to recognise these things or are we actually attracting phenomena into our energy field, as if the very gods themselves have presented us with the means to our own desires - if only we dared take the opportunities, rather than continuing to believe that the being who inhabits our ordinary existence will remain forever thwarted. Unfortunately, no longer blessed with the time to be passive about it, you may have to insist on making use of the links you have with others to reach where you want to be but, if you do not want to be pushy, this is precisely why you remain unknown to the people who could open a door or two. Or, perhaps like me, having promoted your development in your spiritual being, your ego no longer requires visible success.

As a twist, there are websites that provide the names of ordinary folk, to whom others have to get a message through this random network of networks. A fascinating sideline, were you interested in proving such an exercise.